Red Apple Days Festival - Auburntown, TN - August 2nd & 3rd 2024


Payment terms: All vendor fees must be paid in full and are due by July 12th, 2024, to ensure space at the festival. Reserved booths will be released if full payment has yet to be received by the date due. Vendor placement is not guaranteed and is subject to change. All prepared food vendors must be set up for food inspection by Friday at 4:00 PM. A state license is required for all food & drink vendors, payable to the state inspector.

1) VENDOR SPACE AGREEMENT: The agreement for vendor space and the formal confirmation constitutes a binding agreement between the vendor and Auburntown Red Apple Days Festival, hereafter known for this agreement as RADF, for the right to use the space allotted. In the event of a fire, strike, or other uncontrollable circumstances, both parties shall be absolved of any contractual obligations.

2) EXHIBIT SPACE: Each booth space shall be one 10-foot by 10-foot standard booth space or one 10-foot by 20-foot double booth space. Event Staff reserves the right to modify the event and vendor area plan as deemed appropriate. Space will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, and vendor location is solely based on the discretion of event staff. No space shall be assigned without a signed agreement, and payment in full received by event staff no later than July 12th, 2024. RADF cannot guarantee vendor location will be in the shade or in the line of sight of the main stage. RADF RECOMMENDS THAT ALL VENDORS PROVIDE THEIR OWN BOOTH TENT OR AWNING FOR SHADE DURING THE DAY.

3) VENDOR FEE: Fee for the standard booth space shall be $65.00. Fee for the double boot space shall be $120.00. Additional space needed will be charged at the discretion of the RADF event staff. The full vendor Fee is due at registration to reserve space at the festival, and full payment is required by July 12th, 2024. RADF retains the right to reduce or refund vendor application fees as they see fit.

4) AGREEMENT CANCELLATION AND REFUND: All vendor space cancellations must be submitted in writing to the RADF event staff before July 12th, 2024. No refunds shall be issued after July 12th, 2024. Failure to make full payment by the due date shall not release the vendor of any financial obligation.

5) INDEMNIFICATION & HOLD HARMLESS: Vendor agrees to indemnify and to hold harmless the RADF, its officers, employees, officials, and agents from and against any and all liability claims, actions, causes of action, demands, rights, damages, cost, loss of service, expenses, and compensation for all negligence whether active or passive arising out of or in any way connected or related to the Red Apple Days Festival to be held on August 2nd & 3rd, 2024.

6) VENDOR SERVICES: All electrical services are limited, and Vendor must notify RADF of any electrical needs. Vendor is responsible for providing their own power extension cables and splitters required. Event Staff will Inform Vendor of available power outlets for vendor use. Vendor power is limited to 120VAC 15amp circuit. If Vendor requires more power than available, they must provide their own power source, providing it does not interfere with event activities and does not operate above a 65db audible level

7) PARKING: RADF cannot reserve parking for Vendors on the street, and no parking is allowed in the festival area unless previously approved by RADF event staff. Parking is available in the city lot beside the Auburntown Library. No moving vehicles shall be allowed in the event area during active hours for any reason, including loading and unloading.

8) FOOD VENDORS: Food Vendors are allowed. All food vendors must be completely set up before state inspection. Inspections will be completed at the discretion of the state health inspector. Participating food vendors must comply with all regulations of the State of Tennessee health department and any other governing agencies having jurisdiction. There is an inspection fee required to be paid directly to the health inspector.

9) USE OF SPACE: No vendor shall assign, sublet, or share the whole or any part of the space allotted without the consent of the RADF Event Staff. Vendors must comply with all applicable safety, fire & health code requirements during setup, operation, and move-out and maintain aisles cleared of obstructions. RADF does not endorse the products or services of vendors during the festival. RADF shall have the right to require the dismantling of an exhibit in whole or in part which, in event staff’s opinion, is not in keeping with the character and purpose of the festival or which displays or makes available any offensive, or degrading images or language.

10) HOURS: Vendor setup will begin at 8:00 AM Friday, August 2nd, 2024, and must be completed by 4:00 PM before the beginning of the festival. Additional setup time can be requested for Thursday, August 1st, 2024, by contacting event staff. Vendor agrees to not dismantle or pack their booth before the festival ends at 10:00 PM on Saturday, August 3th, 2024 without prior approval by RADF Event Staff. Vendor agrees to have all items removed from booth space by August 4th at 2:00 PM. EVENT STAFF MUST BE NOTIFIED IF A VENDOR MUST LEAVE THE FESTIVAL AREA BEFORE THE END OF THE FESTIVAL.

11) COPYRIGHT POLICY: Vendors are responsible for obtaining all necessary authorizations from third parties concerning copyrights, music licensing, patents, trademarks, trade names, slogans, logos, service marks, or other similar tangible property rights used by Vendor.

12) ASSISTANCE FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES: If the vendor requires a special accommodation to participate in this festival, please contact RADF event staff with requests; every appropriate and reasonable effort will be made to provide said accommodation.